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Thanks to all who participated in the forum held at the Jamaican Embassy on May 26th, 2017. The answers to the questions are at this >>link Click the link above to submit questions you may have.

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Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, Iidabashi Tokyo

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Committee Members

Our committee comprises six members who all decided to step forward to volunteer and help build an organisation to represent Jamaicans living in Japan. We are making great effort to ensure that every Jamaican in Japan has a community where they can feel at home and engage in activities for the development of Jamaica

Organise - A concept that not only benefits the collective but also individuals. One can see clearly that even the most self-serving among men have an incentive to collaborate with others. Being so far away from home with so much happening around us, compounded by our small numbers, does not mean that the idea of coming together for common goals is futile and fleeting. We all yearn for a certain familiarity and vibe that can be generated in only one place; a community where Jamaicans can be Jamaicans. Let us all contribute to make this a reality and create an organisation that we can all be proud of. Robert Dawkins-Interim-President / IT


The purpose of Jamaicans in Japan is to promote the well-being and growth of the Jamaican community within Japan through viable means.


  • Provide information and support services to help members adjust to living and working in Japan, and also to promote member involvement.
  • Association Operations and Fundraising Activities - Conduct the operations of Jamaicans in Japan in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards. To identify valuable or appropriate causes for charity or community volunteerism.
  • To become cultural experts and liaisons.
  • Raising Public Awareness of Jamaican Culture and Contributions in Japan.
  • Cooperate with the Jamaican Embassy and complement the services provided by other organizations to increase the effectiveness of JIJ.

How it started.

Being so far away from home awakens a desire to connect with those of a similar background and living in a natural disaster prone area forces us to think not only of our own well-being but that of our fellow Jamaicans. Jamaica has a rich culture and history and as proud Jamaicans we all want to share it with others. We also want to engage in activities and contribute to the development of our beautiful island nation. These are some of the elements that motivated members of the community, some of whom were not familiar with each other but shared a common vision of uniting Jamaicans living in Japan, to volunteer and take steps in setting up an organisation that can effectively facilitate the growth of Jamaicans and Jamaica from The Land Of The Rising Sun.
We encourage all community members to join us in making this a reality.

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